3 Reasons Why You Should Use This Responsive Marketo Landing Page Template:

  • Responsive web design is your new BFF. It is the way of the future. If your website isn’t responsive now, I guarantee it will be in two years. And now you can apply it to your Marketo landing pages too.
  • It’s less work for you. Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY). Cloning a Marketo landing page constantly? Bad idea, and not scalable. Tokenize all the things.
  • It’s device-friendly. Social sharing is great, but when someone shares your landing page, they get the version you shared from. If you share from your mobile phone to someone on a desktop for example, they see the mobile version. And that’s not pretty.

Want to create better, more universally usable Marketo landing pages? Download the responsive Marketo landing page template now!

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